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  • CD Rock Review

    Datashock: Lose Yourself in the Beat

    Title: Krauter der Provinz Label: Bureau B A krautrock-style group or artist’s ‘collective’ (now, tell me, what’s more krautrock than your common or garden ‘collective’, eh? A classic musical collection if…

  • CD Rock Review

    The Brackish: Voiced By Guitar

    Title: Firm but Fair Label: Stolen Body This band has been about a bit. Names such as Phantom Limb, This is The Kit, Zun Zun Egui and Port Erin spring to…

  • CD Rock Review

    BoyToy: West Coast Indie Rock

    Title: Night Leaf  Label: Stolen Body Album number two from BoyToy with a quite brilliant pictorial chart on the rear of my promo CD, at least (I hope it’s on the…

  • CD Rock Review

    The Evil Usses: What They’re Not

    Title: Muck Label: Stolen Body So let’s see here, within The Evil Usses we’ve got Leon Boydon on bass with Dan Truen on drums. The intriguing mixture of tenor sax with…

  • CD Rock Review

    Rock Around The Block, Volume 2

    Title: Volume 2 Label: Jasmine  It’s interesting isn’t it that the entire rock’n’roll genre found film so important. There seemed to be plenty of feature films out and about during the…

  • CD Rock Review

    Mickey & Sylvia: Dynamic Duo

    Title: Love is Strange Label: Jasmine This is a 2CD package cramming 56 tracks within from Sylvia Robinson (nee Vanderpool) and Mickey ‘McHouston’ Baker (an unruly child, ex-pool hustler and rock…

  • CD Rock Review

    Crabby Appleton: A Villainous Breed

    Title: Crabby Appleton Label: Man in the Moon The band’s name is an intriguing one because it derives from a kids cartoon show. O’lCrabby was a cartoon villain on the Captain…

  • CD Folk Review

    O’Hooley & Tidow: Two Many Voices

    Title: Winterfolk Label: Nomasters Featuring the strong and clear voice of Belinda O’Hooley (who also plays piano, accordion and, mysteriously, programming), Heidi Tidow on vocals, again clear and strong plus guitar…

  • CD Folk Review

    The Gloaming: Taking It To The Live

    Title: Live at the NCH Label: Realworld An Irish/American group that began to do their thing around 2011, the band have two albums under their belt. In fact, I reviewed one…

  • CD Rock Review

    Ian Lowery: Former Folk Devil

    Title: Ironic Label: Spectacle  Ian Lowery worked as a musician, singer-songwriter and even a producer. He had a full musical career up until he sadly passed away in 2001 with a…

  • CD Rock Review


    Title: 28 Classic U.S. Novelties Label: Jasmine Another crazy selection of crazy tunes of a novelty nature – we’ve been in this territory before, of course. Many will be familiar but…

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