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    Chocolate Watch Band’s No Way Out

    Year: 1967 Label: Tower Sometimes classic records become classic in spite of themselves, the band and the people and events surrounding it. Such was No Way Out. The band itself played a…

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    Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds

    Label: Capitol Year: 1966 “It was Pet Sounds that blew me out of the water…I love the album so much. I’ve just bought my kids each a copy of it for…

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    Dire Straits’ Brothers In Arms

    Label: Vertigo Year: 1985 Brothers In Arms pushed the band’s established work into a pop setting and became immensely successful, quickly becoming the biggest selling LP in the UK during the…

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    National Health’s National Health

    Label: Affinity Year: 1978 No-one talks about this band anymore. Why? This is prog rock but its prog that might have been written yesterday. It has imagination and innovation and was…

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    Emmylou Harris’ Wrecking Ball

    Label: Asylum/Elektra Year: 1995 “The few people who don’t get it are people who think that I should be doing what I did before. But that’s confusing to me because I…

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    Jethro Tull’s Aqualung

    Label: Chrysalis Year: 1971 The band’s all-time classic album, Aqualung was Jethro Tull’s biggest release and, according to their management, still out-sells everything else in their back catalogue. The album has…

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    Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon

    Label: Harvest Year: 1973 It’s a phenomenon, it’s a landmark album, it’s lasted over 1500 weeks in the charts…and counting. Dark Side Of The Moon (DSOTM) is one of the most well known…

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    Miles Davis Kind Of Blue

    Label: Columbia Year: 1959 It was named from a childhood memory of Miles Davis. He heard a black gospel singer perform in Arkansas. That woman, her experience and the experiences of…

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    The Who’s Tommy

    Label: Track Year: 1969 The first Rock Opera. That is the tag attached to Tommy, The Who’s magnum opus. After I Can See For Miles flopped as a single in 1967 –…

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    Donna Summer’s I Remember Yesterday

    Label: Casablanca Records & Filmworks Year: 1977 “This is the future.” John Lennon, after hearing the single, I Feel Love. The queen of ‘70s disco, Donna Summer produced a momentous album…

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