4th December 2023

Buying Tergikleen for vinyl cleaning has always been a costly endeavour. Now? There might be a cheaper alternative

Some of you will know that I have spent a long time testing a variety of vinyl cleaning products out there. Cleaning machines, brushes, liquids, varying techniques and the like. I’ve been lucky – being ‘in the business’ as it where – to have had ready access to a whole host of materials and technologies to test over the years.

You can find a host of reviews relating to the same on this site and you can also access my Vinyl Cleaning guides relating (so far) to manual cleaning and RCMs (with ultrasonics to come, of course).

Within those guides I talk about Surfactants. This class of product is absolutely essential in cleaning vinyl. Without it, any cleaning tech you care to mention reduces is cleaning efficiency by what, 30%? More, perhaps?

I have tested a host of surfactants but my own personal favourite has been and remains Tergitol and its commercially badged variant, Tergikleen. This liquid arrives in a small bottle which you need to dilute. I bought mine via eBay, from the USA, for a pretty penny.

Looking at the same spot on eBay, I can see it for sale here (and don’t forget that I’m based in the UK so that’s my economical perspective) priced at £34.20 with a P&P figure of £17.95. Hence, I would have to pay £52.15 for a bottle of Tergikleen. And to be honest? Even though that is a lot of money, that small bottle lasts for ever (well, it feels that way) so it offers good value even at over 50 smackers.

Well I have found a cheaper method of grabbing this very bottle from that very company – and I want to thank website reader Roy Dick for giving me a nudge to talk about this because I saw the info, then promptly forgot to tell everyone because I was diverted into something else. So I’m doing this news item now in case I forget all over again.

Note the new style bottle and separate pipette

If you run over to https://tergikleen.net/ you will find that same bottle of Tergikleen for £36.18 (if you don’t go for the suggested insurance) and that includes postage.

Why is that so? I have no idea although my guess is that they are paying eBay charges and so they’re passing that outlet’s charges to you via the end-user price. Of course, there are no similar charges to be had via their own website.

Anyway, if you fancy grabbing a bottle of Tergikleen and I recommend it highly (and I have no connection with the company, I hasten to add, I just like the stuff and how it performs) then now is your chance. Might be an idea to grab a bottle now, actually. Just in case this new outlet comes a cropper and falls by the wayside!

I must add that I have not personally tried this shop/outlet/system yet. So I cannot personally vouch for it so please bear that in mind before pulling the trigger. In fact if you decide to grab a bottle, please leave a message below and tell me and everyone else how you got on.