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    Ripped & Torn: Punk In the Raw

    Author: Tony Drayton Publisher: Ecstatic Peace Library Pages: 326 Price: £25 Spanning 326 pages, this book…isn’t. At least, not in the classic sense. It’s more of a bound compilation from the…

  • Headline Hifi News

    Planar 78 Turntable From Rega

    A dedicated, single speed turntable that runs only at 78RPM, the design uses a 24V motor and arrives fitted with a RB220 tonearm A minimalist, dedicated and because of that, no doubt…

  • Headline Hifi News

    EVO 100 Integrated From Primaluna

    It has been nearly a decade since PrimaLuna has introduced an entirely refreshed product line. The new EvoLution series – including this EVO 100 – shares the previous line’s DNA, featuring…

  • Headline Hifi News

    K1 Bluetooth speaker From Kew Labs

    Kew Labs has announced the K1 portable speaker, featuring a 10W dual driver. The K1 range of pill shaped portable speakers are available in a range of colours including metallic silver…

  • Headline Hifi News

    Mo portable speaker From POW Audio

    Massachusetts-based POW Audio has announced Mo, its new portable speaker, complete with WaveBloom technology. Weighing in at under 200g, the portable Bluetooth-equipped speaker includes a patented technique to expand its housing,…

  • Headline Hifi News

    6000N Play Streamer From Audiolab

    The 6000N Play is a network audio player with wireless streaming facilities and a dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi The 6000N Play connects wirelessly with other Play-Fi-equipped devices and Internet music services such…

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    PBJ Interconnect Cabling is Back

    Kimber Kable is 40 years old this year. To mark the occasion, Russ Andrews is introducing a one-off, limited-edition version of Kimber’s PBJ analogue interconnect The strictly limited-edition cable includes the…

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