15th March 2024

This is the first of an on-going series of Sales Lists. Split into a series of genres and types, on and off topic.

Here you will find CD and vinyl items that I have for sale but also off-topic items including DVDs and Books. In the future you can also expect to see music-related books and DVDs/Blu-rays, tapes and possibly HiFi items. These items have already been viewed by Patreon members, they will sit here for a week, then they will be shared with the world at large, for general sale via eBay, Amazon, etc.

To repeat, if you don’t see anything that appeals here, keep checking in, something will pop up in the future. This is a long term sales thing that will last years, not days.


For this week’s sales list, I will list a series of genre links below, that contain sales items for your perusal. Click on a link, you will then be taken to the relevant genre page. There, you can browse the items for sale.

If you see an item that you would like to buy and it does not feature a ‘sold’ indicator, then contact me either via the Comments of that page or, for a more private chat, via the Contact section on this website.


For payments? As I explained in the Sales Notes, I am not a retailer – this is a private sale only – so I am not geared up for card payments. I’m happy to receive a bank transfer (this is my preferred method) or Paypal (please be aware to cover any fees, if required). No cheques please. If you reside outside of the UK, we can discuss postage to your location before you commit to buying.


CD SALES – sales-cd

VINYL – SALES – sales-vinyl

OFF TOPIC – BOOK SALES: off-topic-sales-books

OFF TOPIC – DVD SALES: off-topic-sales-dvds

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