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  • Vinyl News

    Stax and Thirty Tiger: New Vinyl Releases

    Brief news of vinyl releases including a 7″ box from Stax plus releases from Hard Working Americans, Will Hoge and Jason Isbell Part of the 60th anniversary celebrations, The Stax 7s…

  • Hifi News

    Limited Edition Harbeth P3ESR & M40.2 Speakers

    Both limited edition speakers are available in olive wood veneer, with the additional added features of Harbeth’s 40th Anniversary range Harbeth’s limited edition features include the latest WBT-nextgen binding posts… British-made…

  • Hifi News

    T60RP by Fostex: Keeping it Regular…Phase

    Planar magnetic headphones with wooden cups and balanced connection options, the T60RP models are aimed at portable players and static headphone amplifiers The new TP60RP Regular Phase headphones from Fostex includes…

  • Hifi News


    This ICEpower class D power amplifier pushes out 150W. The EDGE can also be bi-amped and arrives with its own gain control The EDGE A2-300 features an aluminum and steel case…

  • Hifi News

    COTODAMA Lyric speaker: animates on-screen lyrics

    From the Hakuhodo Group, COTODAMA has announced the Lyric speaker that plays your music and displays the lyrics of the same on its accompanying translucent screen The COTODAMA speaker contains Lyric Sync Technology,…

  • Vinyl News

    MODERN HARMONIC: Four Vinyl Releases

    Four new vinyl LPs from Modern Harmonic, a quirky spin-off record label from Sundazed in the USA including Gundella, Ranny Sinclair and two from Chet Atkins Up first is Gundella: The…

  • Vinyl News

    Edition Records’ New Jazz Vinyl

    Brief news information on four new jazz releases from Edition including Girls in Airports, Verneri Pohjola, Morten Schantz and Daniel Herskedal Edition Records ( has a host of intriguing new releases including Girls in…

  • Hifi News

    Linn offers network music player deal

    Linn has launched the  offer of a complimentary second network music player when you buy one from the Akurate or Klimax range. From Monday 4 December 2017 you’ll receive a complimentary Majik…

  • Hifi News

    Polk Audio MagniFi MAX SR Sound Bar

    A “5.1 Surround Sound Bar” uses patented SDA Surround Sound Technology, Wireless Surround Speakers and Google Home Polk’s MagniFi MAX SR uses the Stereo Dimensional Array (SDA) digital surround technology. It’s…

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