15th March 2024

Welcome to the Sales Notes section, to be used in conjunction with my ongoing sales lists. Let’s remember that these are items from my personal collection and I’m selling them on a strictly personal basis. Because of Patreon and this website, there may be a whiff of formality about it but no. I am not a retailer. This on-going sale is not run on corporate or business lines. Thus, I will do my very best in terms of postage times but please be patient with me on this one because I’m selling, part time, but also running a full-time business

Before we start, if I’ve missed anything below then feel free to fire questions at me regarding this whole sales thing. This is all very new for me (and you) so I’m happy to work with you on this one,

All items listed for sale are one offs (unless stated otherwise).

This is a long term sale. A long term. Years long. So if you don’t see anything that appeals, keep checking in, something will pop up in the future. Also, because I’m personally vetting everything, you won’t see a dump of hundreds of items here. There will be a few here and there on a regular basis. Four or five here and there, week in, week out, for many years in the future.

Next? Let’s get the unseemly bit out of the way now shall we? It’s a distinct possibility that, how can I put this, certain outsiders might possibly be interested in the items for sale here and may very well be selecting their favourite scam to implement alongside. Please don’t. This isn’t eBay. Any proposed sale that even smells vaguely like a scam (and I am aware of several) will be shut down, as will the user involved. Of course, 99.99% of the people here are honest and true and completely lovely with it but, you never know. And if you lovely people spot any shenanigans, please give me a shout. It will be much appreciated.

Right, let’s get down to the meaty stuff then.



Each of the available albums listed here for sale have been cleaned in a Degritter Mk.II ultrasonic machine. Specifically, using Tergitol surfactant, a full two cycles per vinyl disc plus a rinse, as per my own Vinyl Cleaning Guide.

Don’t forget that cleaning will remove dirt and gunk. It’s not self-repairing magic so clicks and noise may still remain. Either because such noise might represent historical damage or further cleaning might be required. Stubborn stains and all that. My own, personal regime features six cycles of cleaning plus a rinse per record. I’m giving you a healthy starter here which is more than most sellers provide. Further cleaning may further improve the sound quality.


I will add an outer plastic sleeve to the album, if such a sleeve was not originally included.

My own supplied outer may or may not be new but it will serve the purpose so please don’t freak out if you find that the outer is not fresh out of the packet. It’s a freebie from my own personal collection, after all.

For inner sleeves? They’re different. Any blank, non-historical, paper-only inner sleeve will be replaced with a brand new, lined inner sleeve. If the LP originally arrived in a lined inner sleeve then that old lined inner may be contaminated so this will be binned and replaced too.

I will provide new inners depending on what I have to hand here so the specific variant/type may vary depending on stock.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the original paper inner is of historical significance, it might feature graphics or even special codes, then I will include that separately, contained and held within the outer sleeve for your convenience.


The sales entry for each vinyl album or single will feature basic notes on the condition plus additional information, including personal comments and background – you might get to know me better by reading these things actually because each one is linked to me in some manner.

I will endeavour to play each before I sell, so the media condition will be relevant and accurate – at least to me. You might disagree on the finer points but at least I can note howlers and obvious issues. Thus, I will note if any hairline marks on the vinyl surface can actually be heard or not. I will not be guessing, which is what you often get from retailers who frankly don’t have the time to find out but often wing it all the same.

If I cannot listen to an item for sale, for some reason, then I will note the fact.


For shipping, I will remove the record and inner sleeve from the card sleeve. Both will be contained, separately, in the plastic outer. If I don’t do this, there is a possibility that the record will punch through the card sleeve during transit – especially if the package is roughly treated  – causing irreparable damage.



Where possible, I will replace a scuffed vanilla jewel case. I will not replace that case if the original features a unique sticker or design on the case itself. Other types of case will remain ‘as is’ (i.e. digipak, etc).


For jewel cases, if the tray only is damaged, I will do my best to replace that tray unless, again, it appears to be limited, rare or unique.


Again, all CDs will be played to make sure the disc plays at all and without issues so sealed copes will be opened.


I will report the condition of the included disc and leaflet/booklet.

Basic disc cleaning will be carried out, if required. And yes, disc condition will be reported.



Within each item listed for sale, I will post a figure that relates to UK P&P only. If I posted P&P rates for the rest of the world, the list would be enormous. Hence, if you would like to purchase any item from these ongoing sales and you reside outside of the UK postal shores then PM me, I will work out a P&P rate and then you can make a decision from that point and you can let me know if you wish to continue the purchase.


Forgive me but I’m going to shoot from the hip in this bit of the Sales Notes because I want to be absolutely clear. Again, I guess the core of the following will be aimed at new visitors but I don’t want to mess you around and, similarly, I don’t want you to mess me around either.


Allow me to put the above statement in context. To provide advice and help so the above statement is reduced in importance to such a point that it becomes no concern or interest to you.

First point.

Please commit to a sale in your head before you hand over your cash. Make sure the item in question is an item you actually want to purchase and own and that any potential questions or issues have been addressed before the sale occurs.

To repeat, I am not a retailer, I don’t have the time to do the whole after-market care thing. My time is maxed doing the whole journalism bit and I’m working late nights as it is, often including weekends. So please, if you have any concerns, sort those out before the sale and communicate those with me. I’m more than happy to work with you if you have any questions or potential issues.

That is, unlike buying from Amazon, you can talk to me, a real human being (well, that’s the rumour at any rate) before your purchase to confirm or otherwise any info or details you need.

Hence, if you need photos of an item, ask and I’ll do my best to supply. I will be taking images of each item before I send it anyway, just to protect myself from certain scams. So supplying images to you will not be a problem.

If you need further information about the release and you can’t see that information here then again, just ask.

To repeat, have a think and ask me about any moot points you might have before you commit to the sale? Work with me on this please.

If an item gets lost in the post then I will certainly provide any information I have here for you to pursue a claim with the Post Office. If you buy an item from me and it arrives at your end completely trashed then contact me, send me lots of images of the mess and we’ll both talk to Royal Mail to try and sort it out.

Photo by Min An:
Photo by cottonbro studio