10th January 2024

I’ve already talked about Stratton’s Elypsis1512 loudspeaker, now the company has been awarded a patent for its Mechanically Isolated Tweeter Assembly for a completely new speaker entirely

Invented by Stratton’s founder, David Fowler, the Mechanically Isolated Tweeter Assembly offers the, “…best working environment for a tweeter to function, it needs to be isolated from external energy inputs’, explained Fowler. ‘Obviously, the tweeter dome moves at high frequency but at very low amplitude, anything that adds to this movement impedes the performance of the tweeter, causing distortion and colouration to come between you and the music.

The 1512 I talked about earlier on this site

“Our Mechanically Isolated Tweeter Assembly ensures that no external energy from the already massively rigid enclosure can be passed through to the tweeter dome. In the past, engineers have often tried to further decouple tweeters using elastomer rings but their effectiveness is limited by their absolute length. Fowler’s solution has been to extend the effective length of that ring, by adding radial extensions to it.

A close up of the tweeter in question


“It’s a simple change but one that offers multiple sonic advantages, says Fowler. ‘By varying both the length and position of the extensions, it’s now possible to resist interference from a far wider range of vibration modes.”

That implementation is due to be seen in a new, as yet unnamed, two-way loudspeaker (codename E12 – see image, top) that Stratton Acoustics is currently readying for a March 2024 launch. When I get more info on that (and when Stratton installs a new light bulb in their show room so we can see the thing), I’ll report back.

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