4th January 2024

Mk.II Mini isolation feet, from the UK outfit Soundeck received their own review back in September of 2022. Well, now they’ve been tweaked…and there’s a sale!

Mk.II Minis can be inserted under most if not all audio components to reduce vibration and high-frequency noise. That means turntables and amplifiers, streamers, CD players and even speakers. 

In terms of build, they consist of two, rather thin layers of steel with a gel-like substance in between that never really sets. 

This configuration forms a constrained layer damping system that turns vibration into heat to lower that noise floor.  

The original circular models. Still available, I hasten to add.

The upgrade? While the materials and tech remain the same, Soundeck has now produced square versions of these feet. Why? Because they better fit under certain types of equipment giving a tidy and neat appearance.

In fact, the shape change is a public demand thing. Customers have requested that shape change so, here we are.

To my mind they were and still are the best value isolation feet you can buy. They normally cost £64.80 for a set of four round feet or £54 outside of the UK but I have noticed that the feet are currently on sale for £54 for a set of four in the UK (and I guess a similar reduction for outside of the UK). So get them while you can!

The performance pf the Mk.II Minis is equally as good, I must add but that aesthetic attention will certainly appeal to many users out there.