Wax: A Treasure Trove, Gold & Gould…man

14th October 2019

Title: Live in Concert 1987

Label: Esoteric

Building a Bridge to Your Heart, anyone? With that classic false count-in? A big, 1987 hit for this outfit.

Not so much a supergroup as a super duo. 

Wax was singer-songwriter, Andrew Gold (a man who had a number of chart hits on the 70s) and ex-10cc man, Graham Gouldman.

Wax: A Treasure Trove, Gold & Gould...man

It was 1986 that the duo released their debut LP, Magnetic Heaven, which featured the single Right Between the Eyes. Then in 1987, American English was released which featured that ‘…Bridge..’ single.

Finally, in 1989, the duo released A Hundred Thousand in Fresh Notes.

After that, Gold moved towards a singer/songwriter collaboration in Bryndle and Gouldman took a liking to the proposed reunion with his 10cc chums.

What Esoteric has here is a three-disc multi-gatefold release of a previously unreleased concert, recorded in Harrogate in November 1987. Two CDs and a DVD of the entire concert.

Wax: A Treasure Trove, Gold & Gould...man

Also on board was Rick Fenn (lead guitar, vocals), Roger Jackson (keyboards) and Mike Richardson (drums).

The set performed that evening featured the hit Bridge to Your Heart, alongside classics such as Never Let Her Slip Away, Thank You for Being a Friend and Lonely Boy by Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman’s Bus Stop and For Your Love and the 10CC track Dreadlock Holiday.

Wax: A Treasure Trove, Gold & Gould...man

For a live presentation – and live concerts are notorious for their uncontrolled sonic presentations and wayward frequencies – this Wax set sounds rich and mature in the midrange with a wide and spacious soundstage.

Bass is strong and powerful too. Yes, there are anomalies here and there as the concert space sometimes plays sonic tricks but this set is situated high up the sound quality ladder.

In short? Your ears should have a whale of time with this live set. 

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