Sauna Youth’s Distractions

11th April 2016

Title: Distractions

Label: Upset The Rhythm

Oooo, there’s some energy in them thar hills and its coming from Richard Phoenix (drums, vocals), Lindsay Corstorphine (guitar), Jen Calleja (vocals, sampler) and Christopher Murphy (bass). Formed in Brighton in 2009 the band are obviously hyper-active because they are also a band called Monotony, when the mood takes them and selected band members are also part of Tense Men, Primitive Parts, Feature and Cold Pumas. Phew!

Straight to the album and, after an intriguing noise loop (called End Loop) of mere seconds, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect for the first full length track of just over three minutes. Transmitters, though, was a slice of perfect punk as was the following track, New Fear. Great stuff. In your face, a raging, persistent beat, a slashing guitar and a simple approach to music that delivered the message simply and without fuss. If anything, Monotony reduces that delivery method even more. Almost early Damned in its fashion, this track depends on the three-chord approach to life but does so in a fun-filled, pogo popping, energy giving frenzy. Cosmos, reduces the tempo a tad but is just as hard hitting with determined vocals preceding a manic electric guitar strum.

This is quality stuff, make no mistake. Although their work is described as punk, don’t be fooled in thinking that this is copy-cat, derivative stuff. Yes, the rhythms and some of the [cough] orchestrations are familiar in tone but it’s put together with the band’s unique flavour and delivered on the band’s own style. There’s plenty of fun to be had while the music never hangs around too long to out-stay its welcome. Special mentions go to the thoughtful Paul and the frankly superb Try To Leave which should be covered by The Fall as soon as possible.