The Orb: Moon Building 2703 AD

12th April 2015

Title: Moon Building 2703 AD

Label: Kompakt

Ah, The Orb. During the 90s, this band changed my life. Well, ok, it was one of a few elements that’d did that. It’s never ‘just’ music but ‘music’ is often a part of such changes. When I heard Little Fluffy Clouds something went ‘flick’ in my head and I not only changed how I think but completely changed the path of my life. Without that music, I would be…someone else. Now that’s a spooky thought.

But back to the plot. Released on the German label, Kompakt, Alex Paterson teams up with chum Thomas Fehlmann to produce a full length album of just four tracks but each one is a mini-adventure all of its own.

For this new release, The Orb kicks back into ambient dub and groovy soundscapes with samples a go-go. Classic Orb styles, then, that will please any fan of the collective who might sometimes feel itchy frustrated whenever Alex Paterson wanders off into poppy-electronica mode. These, my friends, are deep vibes. Listen to this an experience some serious head nodding. The fourth track is my least favourite. Not because it has a slightly funky melodic groove (that only needs a James Brown scream sample to take you right back to the 90s pop charts) but maybe because it sounds like ‘me too’ trip hop. This track is dead in the water. The first three, though are just fine.

There’s a host of ways to grab this music. I was reviewing the CD promo (an instant collectable in its own right amongst Orb fans). But you can also go for the commercial CD issue and download. Then there’s the vinyl version as well as the deluxe version adding two extra tracks: Dilla’s Moon Quake (The Orb’s Tribute to J Dilla) plus Moon Quake (slice of silver) and Moon Quake 6. Those extra tracks are also available (keep up, nearly finished) on a deluxe download.