Love’s Love Songs: An Anthology Of Arthur Lee’s Love – 1966-1969

11th September 2015

Title: Love Songs: An Anthology Of Arthur Lee’s Love – 1966-1969

Label: Salvo

A folk-rock/psychedelic band from the 60s. In fact, one of the very best and one that was not only seen as a cult/underground outfit but was oe of the first that received its rightful acclamation. As a band, Love (formerly Grass Roots) had a short life. In fact, they only released three albums and, during that time, received obvious inspiration from the likes of The Byrds with a touch of Rolling Stones and The Doors mixed in for good measure plus a sprinkling of additional genres to add spice.

Noticeable for their integrated nature, one of the first rock bands to feature black and white artists in one group, they were lead by the inscrutable and sometimes perplexing genius of Arthur Lee which may be one explanation why they refused to tour until they were past their best. They never found a hit single or album but Love never seemed to be ‘that sort of band’ anyway.

Nevertheless, they were signed by Elektra and released a self-titled album in 1966, featuring largely self-penned material.

De Capo was released in 1967, as the band expanded, briefly, from six to seven members and managed to squeeze a song into the Top 40: Seven & Seven Is, eclectic and beautiful while the B-side was nothing more than a 19-minute jam. That was Love, full of contrasts and always on the edge of destruction due to disorganisation and drugs.

The final album, Forever Changes saw the group pull themselves together for one final creative urge (or was it because Elektra threatened to populate the album with session men if they didn’t shape up?) Whatever the reason, the final release was sublime.

This 2CD compilation includes Forever Changes in its entirety but also adds other tracks from that era plus the largely Lee vehicle, Four Sail. Ideal for Love beginners.