Kreidler: A European Song that reacts to world-wide events

15th March 2017

Title: European Song

Label: Bureau B

Based in Düsseldorf, Germany the music of Kreidler takes electronic sounds and successfully combines them with organic instrumentation to create music that has life but is also adventurous, slightly otherworldly and offers angular progressions. Nevertheless, melody is important to the arrangements. This is electronic music with a loose, rhythmic flow. The band was formed by Thomas Klein, Andreas Reihse, Stefan Schneider (who would leave to work on his To Rococo Rot project) and Detlef Weinrich. Alexander Paulich is here on bass for this album.

And what of this album? Its a bit of a rush job, to be honest. Mainly because this album wasn’t supposed to be released. That original creation, which sits ‘in the can’ for now, was lighter and more playful in tone. Since the US elections and the emergence of President Trump, the band decided that a wholly different tone was needed and this album is the result. Maybe this is the reason why the CD features 35 minutes of music. Pretty brief for this genre. That said, the music is infused with emotion and so those 35 minutes contain some pretty concentrated beats. The speed of the turn-around is also due to the nature of the production, a ‘live’ recording in the studio, right off the back of a tour which meant that the band were fighting fit in terms of musical cohesion. And it shows. This is one ‘tight’ album.

The tone is one of distress, of intense anxiety and a freezing of that moment. It sounds as if the group is running around the studio without much idea what to do next. I don’t infer a lack of talent or professionalism by that comment. Rather, this is a reactive album. A response to events, as it where. The electronics tend to dwell on them and do so for 35 minutes. That initial emotion is examined from every angle and each facet of it is teased and presented to you as a sort of reminder or even a sort of notification. Disturbing and rather troubling. The band wants to rattle cages.