David Sancious: Forest Of Feelings/Transformation (The Speed Of Love)

11th August 2015

David Sancious

David Sancious
Title: Forest Of Feelings
Label: Esoteric

David Sancious And Tone
Title: Transformation (The Speed Of Love)
Label: Esoteric

Blimey, this guy must have been one tough cookie to market by his label. His work spreads itself around so many genres and styles that he is just about impossible to categories and we know how labels love to pigeon hole. The albums here are prog orientated but he would later move into various musical directions. He has influenced many, however, from Sting to Brian Ferry.

Bruce Springsteen fans may remember him as a member of his E Street Band, appearing on keyboards for Springsteen’s first three albums. He left in 1975 to start a solo career and began with Forest Of Feelings which features lots of prog and jazz fusion and sees our musical polymath over such a wide range of keyboards that would surely make Rick Wakeman green with envy. Sancious does the same with guitars too, sounding as soulful as Santana.

For prog fans, this album is a must as it ropes in classical flavours including more contemporary styles from the likes of ELP, Yes and Return To Forever. Don’t see this album a derivative, though. Far from it, this is


unique Sancious. Uplifting and blazingly inspirational.
If anything Transformation is even better with improvements in arrangements and songwriting with longer, more exploratory tracks and more wizardry over keyboard and guitars. Prog is at the forefront again but there’s also plenty of jazz, soul, jazz funk and more in the soup while structures range from the traditional to the modal.

Sometimes experimental, often enlightening but always new and fresh, this is such a wide ranging album but, remarkably, it never loses its focus which is a testament to Sancious’ ability to multi-task and to keep all of the tonal plates moving at the same time.