The Chemistry Set’s The Endless More and More: neo-psychedelic, around since 1987

17th May 2016

Title: The Endless More And More

Label: Regal Crabomophone

This UK-based neo-psychedelic rock outfit has been active since 1987 but have only been active in a haphazard fashion until, of late, they seem to have found a surge in creative energy.

This new album can be best illustrated by the track, Crawling Back To You which is pure Beatles: big chords, bold arrangements, a naked vocal delivery with a hint of cross cultural, genre mixing whimsey but tonally hook-laden and easy on the ear while the vocal delivery is precise. It even arrives with a trademark Ringo drum roll or two.

Apart from being rather recognisable and slightly fun, it’s also a trick I don’t want to hear throughout the entire album because I signed up for an original album, not a variation on The Bootleg Beatles or some other tribute act, which is why the next track had me worrying a tad. There’s no Beatles here but there is an element of Oasis (who adore The Beatles…in a unhealthy way). Big, bold Britpop chords, big drums, bold and brash lead vocals are only salted with a space rock synth to add variety.

I waited for more and crossed my fingers as I listened to Time To Breathe which sounds like I’ve been hit by a Pink Floyd hammer from The Wall.

Come Kiss Me Vibrate and Smile sounds…original. Even though more modern reminders such as Shack, do spring to mind. I did hesitate, though, because I was waiting to be struck by the realisation that I was listening to yet another ‘influence’ in too stark terms but, no, by track five I think I finally got through to the band named on the sleeve.

This is a patchy album that needs a rethink. The band need to start again and then they need to promise never to do that gain and then they need a producer who can impose some discipline.

In format terms, there seems to be as many variations of this album as a packet of Smarties because it originally arrived as a limited edition piece of vinyl in January. Then it was released as a CD limited edition and, such was the demads, they all sold out too. Now you can buy 100 special edition releases including a gamut of items including two pieces of vinyl, two CDs that includes extra tracks and remixes. There’s only 100 of these things available that will also include 16 postcards. But, that’s not all! Another, this time (very) special edition of 100 is also available that will be housed in a honest to goodness Chemistry Set box that will include a signed print, DIY test-tube rack and test tubes filled with sweets plus a ‘classic vinyl sound emulator’.