Brexit Rockers: A Tale of Tears & Tantrums

5th April 2019

Title: Gonna Make it Alone

Label: Atomicat

If there is one organisation to take advantage of a fad, fashion or, indeed, controversy then its a record label. They’ve been doing it for years. And they’re doing it now. Although I wondered what took them so long?

With two familiar political figures on the front sleeve, this compilation of classic music includes a heady theme to apply to political torment, tantrums and tears. So you get Jerry Bryan and the Houndogs with I’m Walking Out On You, Big John Greer and Your Cash Ain’t Nothing But Trash and Norman Bullock with the Southerneers and Lies, Lies, Lies. You get the picture don’t you?

Skeets McDonald

If not, then I’m sure you will with Skeets McDonald and Don’t Push Me Too Far,  The Ramblers’ I Don’t Need You No More and Sheree Scott with Easy Payments.

Big John Greer

You can tell the quality of the production, the mastering and the content because the production stems back to talents more familiar working with releases from Bear Family in Germany so this is a disc to trust on those terms. The music is top notch, though, with plenty of rarities (24 tracks populate this disc) and little known or little heard rock’n’roll and R’n’B goodies. Energy exudes on this CD with plenty of aggression, passion and guts flowing through the speakers blending little known artists with larger star names such as Tommy Steele, Billy Fury and Dion.

The Ramblers

Mastering has obviously received some thought because I was often impressed by the breadth of the soundstage from these tracks. Compression could be fairly aggressive but this is the nature of the time and the original singles format, though. That said, the mastering retains an admirable level of air and space so that detail is available in spades.

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