Amos Lee: Waiting for the Music

28th October 2018

Title: My New Moon

Label: Dualtone 

Lee has an easy-going and laid back approach to music and to his delivery. His take on country, blues, folk and R&B allows the music to talk around him. The notion of space and reverb is brought to bear because Lee never rushes too far ahead of the music. It’s always there, alongside. He’s never in a rush to get to the end, Lee enjoys the journey. Bill Withers had a similar approach to musical life and Lee seems to enjoy a similar presentation. 

Lee has been around the musical scene for some time now, since his debut on Blue Note back in 2005. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1977, this ex-teacher, waiter and bartender has also taken his time to develop his music chops. This included time performing with Norah Jones.

Since then, he’s attracted a host of supporting talent for his own productions. From the likes of Don Was to former Wallflowers and Natalie Merchant bassist Barrie Maguire.

After Last Days at the Lodge (2008) hit the Top 40, a host of star names took notice from Willie Nelson, Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam, Calexico and Lucinda Williams. All appeared on his 2010 album, Mission Bell. A No.1 slot beckoned.  

More albums from Amos Lee have followed and then, following a 2017 tour, this release produced by Tony Berg.

It’s an album that, even for Amos Lee, is thoughtful and ruminative. Don’t think that this careful project results in 10 varieties of navel gazing. Lee looks at series issues. That included No More Darkness, No More Light, a reworking of a song that followed the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Despite or possibly because of that tragic event, Lee has infused this album with positivity and inspiration that sits alongside shadowy thoughts, offering hope to those who might reside in the darkness.

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