Cardboard Fox’s Out of Mind: the groups first full album release

17th May 2016

Title: Out of Mind

Label: Independent

This is the first full album release (if you ignore their 2015, self-titled, EP) from this 4-piece band that was formed only in 2014. Because of that, I think introductions are in order so we have John Breese on double bass/vocals, Charlotte Carrivick on guitar/vocals, Laura Carrivick on fiddle/vocals and Joe Tozer on mandolin.

Packing in 10 original songs plus three covers (including Ingrid Michaelson’s Girls Chase Boys, Dirk Powell’s Waterbound and Bob Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright) the band offer a mixture of modern folks and progressive bluegrass.

It’s partly down to their own performance, partly down to how the sessions have been mic’ed and mastered but the album has a very strong, forthright presentation. The Carrivick lead vocal is clear, confident, open and gently insistent while her instrumental backing is precise and focused. All of this means that each song on this album is beautifully produced and natural in tone while also being richly portrayed. It also means that even simple messages offered by the band are delivered with quite a punch. More Than You And Me is performed with a sense of simplicity and strength that is quite arresting while the instrumental track, the beautiful Gone, Not Forgotten swings with a natural flow that sounds like it was played while running downhill. There’s an impetus that dares you to intrude.

The cover of the pop hit, Girls Chase Boys, is interpreted well by the Carrivick vocal that introduces newly implemented vocal extensions that surprise the ear and lighten the overall LP, adding an innocent tone to the running order that fairly skips and hops over the  soundstage in a playful manner.

An impressive album from an upcoming force in folk.