Vinyl Care – Now An Option

16th December 2020

A quick website news item for you relating to a new Vinyl Care menu option

And that’s it really – Vinyl Care is now a ‘thing’.

The Vinyl Care option now resides in the Features Menu. This might seem odd because currently the Vinyl Care tag is full of reviews and not features. That said, I hope to include a range of ‘How To…’ cleaning features soon (actually, watch out for a surprise this Friday) so they will be mixed in with the reviews.

Hence, I was a tad unsure where to put this Vinyl Care tag: in the Reviews menu or the Features Menu. I thought Features because Vinyl Care is a bit of a specialist item and it will include a host of reviews, features and possibly odd-ball items. I wondered if putting it into Reviews may be a bit too restrictive.

But let me know what you think. Be happy to hear your feedback.

Vinyl Care is just that. Editorial that looks at caring for your vinyl. Not modding your turntable, not cartridge reviews or platter mats or anything like that.

There are one or two items in Vinyl Care which could have gone either way. Like stylus cleaners. I ultimately included that category though because cleaning your stylus benefits your vinyl too, in health terms.

Which leads me onto this, if you see a likely feature/review on the site that deserves a Vinyl Care tag, it maybe something like the stylus cleaner I mentioned above, then please give me a shout and I’ll add that to the list.