The Mission: A Fan-filtered LP with Led Zep fingerprints

15th March 2017

Title: Carved in Sand

Label: Music on Vinyl

Goth rock group, The Mission (the UK band as opposed to the American variant known simply as Mission) was created in 1986 by guitarist/singer Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams on bass. Both had just left Sisters of Mercy. Completing the band was ex-Red Lorry Yellow Lorry percussionist, Mick Brown and, on bass, Simon Hinkler. The Mercury label welcomed them with open arms.

The band released the well received God’s Own Medicine (1986) and Children (1988) and, keeping the tidy two year gap in place, pushed out this studio LP in 1990, produced, intriguingly, by the bassist from Led Zeppelin, John Paul Jones. It was another great success and hit the charts, zooming up to No.2, becoming the group’s best-selling album. It was an odd one, though because much of the LP tracklisting was chosen by fans who were invited into the studio to listen, scratch their chins and point. It was also odd because of its focus on social and ecological issues. Fine, in theory but odd when you consider that, prior to this album, the group were heavily into fantasy motifs, goth-type imagery and, um, sex. This LP sounded very grown up by comparison.

There’s still plenty of traditional Mission-like bombast with big and bold sounds and Butterfly on a Wheel is certainly one of those. In fact it became a hit single for the band, reaching No.12 in the UK.

In terms of mastering, Music On Vinyl has produced a very quiet pressing, with no loudness issues and good dynamic range occupying an airy and spacious soundstage. The LP provides a wide and sumptuous delivery which should put a smile on the face of any audiophile.

This edition arrives with an insert and a record pressed on red vinyl.