Solstice turntable From Naim

21st June 2021

The first turntable from Naim, it arrives with a new version of the Aro tonearm, an Equinox MC cartridge, Solstice Series Phono Stage, Power Supply and bespoke accessories set. Only 500 units of this Solstice Special Edition package are to be created

So what’s this Naim Solstice Special Edition package again?

It starts with the Naim Solstice Turntable NVS TT that features a magnetic bearing supporting a high-mass, aluminium platter with a self-calibrating motor drive system.

The plinth has been created from 47 separate layers of wood.

The Naim Aro Tonearm includes tungsten and carbon-fibre with bias, arm height and azimuth adjustments.

The Naim Equinox MC Cartridge offers a microline stylus and a boron cantilever. It sits in a solid aluminium housing machined from a single billet.

The turntable, Aro arm and Equinox cartridge are manufactured to Naim’s design by Clearaudio.

A Naim Solstice Series Phono Stage NVC TT uses DR technology, first used on the flagship Statement amplifier. A Class A design with dedicated MC and MM head-amplifiers.

The Naim Solstice Series Power Supply NPX TT powers both the turntable and the phono stage. Which I find a little odd.  They are isolated, though. 

A Solstice Accessories Set includes a digital stylus gauge, bubble level, hex drivers, vinyl adjustment tools dust protector and cleaning cloth.

There’s a Naim Records True Stereo album. A curated collection of “True Stereo” recordings, newly remastered for vinyl by original engineer, Ken Christiansen.

There’s also a Solstice Special Edition Book.

Available from late July, the Naim Audio Solstice Special Edition is available to pre-order now from select retailers worldwide. It has a suggested selling price of £16,000.

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