30th November 2023

A little while ago, I broached the subject of a PO Box and that I was in the process of grabbing one. Here’s an update

Well the update is that I am now set up with a PO Box. So that is up and running and ready to use. If you have been waiting for the PO Box to go live before contacting me, please now go ahead and give me a shout.

If you want to submit HiFi hardware of any sort for news, previews or reviews or if you have any physical music product that you would like me to cover: vinyl, CD, tape or books or magazines or whatever. Then I can provide a contact address for you to send the very same.

I would appreciate it if you can get in touch via the Contacts link (top right) before you send anything please.

That is, I’d like to give it/them the ‘ok’ so I know that I can provide the time needed to do the job or the item might not be appropriate for some reason. So it’s always best to check in first – which is why I’m not posting the address here.

Many thanks.