OPMC’s Product Of Pisces And Capricorn

4th March 2015

Title: Product Of Pisces And Capricorn

Label: Wah Wah

An obscure album from an obscure duo. Released in 1971, O.P.M.C. (Oldest Professional Music Company – a nod to the Amsterdam Red Light district) was the product of two men, Scotsman, Barrie Webb and Dutch artist, Teun van der Slikke and their occasional drop-in chums.

Right from the first few seconds of the first track you get a real East Coast, folk rock vibe. That sunny combination of perfectly formed vocal harmonies (there’s some Crosby, Stills & Nash in there), a clarity in presentation that screams California and an unhurried tempo that exudes confidence that, hell, there’s plenty of time to sing these songs and, well, if we end up with a 25LP box set instead of a single album then, hey, it was meant to be…man. That sorta thing.

That said, there is more to this group than kicking back and dropping out (although the rumours of their profuse drug intake might prove otherwise). There is also a melancholy tone to their work. A feeling of loss and regret that adds a dark edge and a flavour of loneliness.

Fans of early period Bee Gees and mid-term Beatles will find an affiliation with this album. The melodies fall easily from each song with ease and gentle hooks will have you humming after the second listen.

Technically, the album has a golden glow that anyone familiar with early seventies productions, will be familiar with. There is a distinct warmth that adds to the relaxed demeanour of the group. In this way, the upper mids could be sharper while the transients may have been more precise but, to be honest, if they were, then the magic of this LP would be lost. This is a perfect period piece that reflects a time and a place and way of life.