22nd September 2023

It’s quite possible that you’ve noticed a quiet time of late on the website or, if not, a slowing down of content posts. If so? Here’s why

The reason you may have noticed a slackening of posted content on this website is because I’ve been trying my best to keep out of the way of my website designers. That is, the chaps who are currently designing the new website. The site that will replace the one you’re looking at right now (on desktop and mobile platforms).

Thing is, the more I post, the more they have to go poking into corners to post my posts on the new website, updating and updating when they should be getting on with the core of the design itself. Hence, I’ve tried not to post here of late. Except for this post of course. So I’m probably a naughty boy, right now. Sorry website designers. But I thought you, dear reader, needed a quick update.


Anyway, we are very close to launch. Which is rather good news, methinks. In fact, I’m hoping that next Monday, 25 September 2023, will be Day 1 for the new site. And I hope you can join me in cracking open a virtual bottle of bubbly to celebrate the occasion. I must wash some virtual glasses then, eh?

Next week will be a ongoing celebration which means that I will be placing my YouTube videos on hold for a week – at the very least – and I will be busy posting new content on the new website. Possibly multiple posts every day. So keep an eye on what’s going on over here. Keep checking in.

Then again, if you have taken the sensible decision of subscribing to this site then you will receive notifications that something new is available for viewing. So, that’s all right then.


I hope to have your company next week where the furniture will still have the plastic on the cushions, the paint will still be wet and all my posts will probably be sent to some bloke in Tahiti. Expect fun times.

That is, expect the odd error or problem. This will be a shiny new site so perfection is not expected. If you do come across an issue, please give me a shout so I can ask my chaps to fix it pronto. See you there!

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