27th October 2021

Info Snacks are new type of news item that stops editorial craving, won’t fill you up between full news items and major reviews and are recommended as part of a calorie-controlled blog read

When I post news on this site relating to forthcoming hi-fi products, you normally see full details including the product name, company, techie details, interface info, aesthetic pointers, new hardware advances, changes in sonic directions, does it bounce? how high?, designer thoughts, weight, size, prices and a lot more.

The resultant story can produce quite a large piece of editorial at times. Even the shorter pieces tend to be long-ish.

Sometimes, though I hear news from hi-fi companies that are one-liner snippets. Maybe with a photo and not much else.

In the past I’ve put that info to one side with a shrug and a regret that I haven’t had more info to hand to create a typical news item and then waited for a fuller suite of news to follow. Sometimes months afterwards.

Still, I’ve often thought it a shame that I couldn’t share this information as a sort of teaser, just to let you know what’s on the way. Especially if you happen to be a fan of the brand in question. After all, it might stop you spending your hard-earned on ‘this’. Instead, you might want to hang on after reading such information and spend it on ‘that’ instead.

Well, I thought I’d do something about that with this new type of news item. Called Info Snack this breed of new piece will be short…very short. It might take you all of 10 seconds to check it out but at least you know, as Sherlock once stated, that the game’s afoot! And you can keep a look out for further information.

Such Snacks will look at very early release information but also little product changes here and there for established releases or tweaks that have been applied that are not worthy of a major news piece.

In other words, little bits of info that might fall in between the cracks.

So keep a look out for images with the Info Snack logo in the corner and you’ll know that there’s a quick snippet to be nibbled on. Hope you like the new website feature – let me know your thoughts. Always happy to hear from you.