Joe Egan is Out Of Nowhere: a tale of a delayed debut

27th May 2016

Title: Out of Nowhere

Label: Sireena

Well, what a pleasant surprise. I was almost startled to see this LP as I pulled it out of the Sireena mailer. For those unsure about Egan’s qualifications, he  was the former partner of Gerry Rafferty in the band, Stealers Wheel (they jointly wrote the hit single Stuck In The Middle With You). The band broke up in 1975 and Egan promptly set to work writing his debut solo album which wasn’t released until 1979. Why? Because apparantly Egan became embroiled in a odd contract clause that stated that he couldn’t release any recordings for three years after Stealers Wheel had split up.

When this album was released, it enjoyed a brief level of success off the back of its hit single and then promptly disappeared for around 35 years until it was picked up by the British reissue label, Angel Air and was published on CD. That company has worked with Sireena to produce this wax version. To my knowledge this is the first time that the album has been pressed onto vinyl since it original release. As such, this analogue version is not only overdue but warmly welcomed.

Produced by David Courtney, who successfully captured Egan’s wonderfully laid back and easy going delivery and style, the album is packed full of quality songs, this album begins with the absolutely beautiful, smooth, easy going Back on the Road which was a hit in the UK.

Next up is As No Favours which is a care-free song that reminds me, in terms of atmosphere and tone, of Breakfast in America-era Supertramp, but without the complex harmonies, of course. This track is also a good time to give a big thumbs up for the mastering which provides excellent instrumental separation for the acoustic guitar, honky tonk piano, double bass and vocals.

And so it goes on, one gem after another. Egan’s smooth, easy going demeanour lulling you into a relaxing, quiet and contemplative mood. A perfect frame of mind to fully appreciate the Egan magic.