Imaginary Forces’ Visitation, a 4-track EP stripped rhythms

23rd April 2016

Title: Visitation

Label: Fang Bomb

The press release to this one is minimal – a bit like the music itself – but behind the sparsity is Anthoney J Hart, a veteran of hardcore, jungle and drum and bass and a guy that was no stranger to the pirate radio station Rude FM. He has been behind a number of projects of varying styles including Basic Rhythm, Bedouin, Entr’cate, and Halcyon Veil.

This 4-track EP (running at 33rpm) reveals stripped electronic rhythms, angular noise, industrial interference and, on occasion, hauntingly spoken vocals.

Before we get to the music itself a note about the audiophile qualities of this release. Probably more than any other genre of music, this variety of electronica (if I can use that umbrella term here) needs top quality mastering because this album utilises silence as part of the soundstage for the music. It weaves itself in and around the tones and noise. Any lack of clarity would mask the detail which would not only reduce the impact of the message but would also harm the dynamics and the contrasts that this music holds. Fortunately, there are no mastering or pressing issues.

Some might call this music minimal techno and, yes, you could say that but that would also be too simplistic. Despite the insistent techno-type beat that forms the lower frequency foundation to this music, there are a host of sonic experiments that add a cold complexity to the arrangement. There is a calm intensity to the music that some might describe as dark but I wouldn’t. It’s grey, really, which can be more insidious and dangerous because its a colour that causes confusion and can take you by surprise.

This is music that reassures you and calms you with one hand while slowly pummelling you to death and inflicting a thousand cuts you your psyche with the other.