Happy New Year!

1st January 2023

I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year. May your year be filled with success and love and, most of all, peace and security

I am wishing specifically for success right now because I’m in the middle of cooking a New Year’s roast dinner. And – let me tell you this right now – I cook a mean roast dinner. My roast potatoes are the stuff of legends.

There’s Atlantis, there’s the Fountain of Youth, there’s the Sword in the Stone. And then there’s my spuds.

Happy New Year!

I have a few minutes before I start on the gravy so I just wanted to thank you all for – well – being you and being here. For reading but also for commenting. For supporting me in what I do but also for being there for others, when they need help.

I want to also thank you for being, let me use an old fashioned word, ‘nice’. It makes my job easier and it makes this website a place I’m happy to fill with content. There’s so much toxicity in and around social media, it makes a nice change to escape to this site and talk with you all.

So I want to thank you for that too.

Happy New Year!

I have lots planned for the New Year. Companies I have ‘in the house’ (literally) include people like PMC, Edifier, Icon Audio (after a long absence) and a company I’ve wanted to feature for a long time but things got in the way. I’m talking about Graham Slee. I think there’s some Grado headphones in there too somewhere plus – just possibly – the latest Mani phono amp from Schiit. But we’ll see, eh?

I also have more Musical Ramblings in the pipe, CD and Vinyl reviews plus lots of other goodies. So here’s to you, to the site and to my roast dinner – cheers!