Depertment Chicago’s HiFi Console: Lifestyle is on the march

5th May 2017

Readers might see some similarities – at least in terms of concept and also in the support equipment – to the Wrensilva Loft Music Centre (see HERE) but Department Chicago describe this particular unit as a, “…Bluetooth-enabled, mid-century inspired, stereo console built for this generation’s music listener.”


Measuring 122 x 40 x 64cm and powered by a 100W Bang & Olufsen Ice power amplifier, the HiFi Console includes full range speakers (including a 25mm titanium dome tweeter), with a bass port at the rear, built into the chassis.


You also get a “preamplifier” which I assume (but have yet to be able to confirm) refers to a phono amplifier, optical and analogue inputs and volume control plus anti-vibration feet.


Storage has space for 120 LPs. Price is $1,895.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 14.42.00

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