Arve Henriksen: New & Rare & Boxed

14th November 2019

Title: The Timeless Nowhere

Label: Rune Grammofon

This is a four LP collection of new material and rarities. Four vinyl LPs, that is plus two extra CDs that duplicates the material.

All arrive in a slip case. 

Featuring unreleased material spanning around ten years, the set features Captured Under Mountainsides.

It includes Skúli Sverrisson and Hilmar Jensson and focuses on Arve Henriksen’s home, the western part of Norway, the death of his brother and the sparse, empty space, a wild landscape. Nature, busting at the seams. 

Arve Henriksen: Four in a Box

The next LP, Acousmograph sees the man on his own and is more experimental in nature, taking classical music as an inspiration. Henriksen’s ability to make the trumpet sound like a flute is to the fore here.

Cryosphere is a co-production with long time collaborator Jan Bang re-modelling material from a series of evolving concert performances and featuring Audun Kleive, Helge Norbakken and Ingar Zach. Lots of improv here.

Towards Language – Live at Punkt sees our man together with Eivind Aarset (guitars) and Jan Bang / Erik Honoré (electronics, live sampling).


Arve Henriksen: Four in a Box

During mastering tests, the over-riding effect I had from these albums was the infusion of space within each.

The air that swills around the midrange and treble maximises the large soundstage and provides a broad and sweeping presentation.

Ideal for the often ambient effects in and around Henriksen’s music. Those partial to an extended reverb tail or two will be most pleased.

Arve Henriksen: Four in a Box

That air and space also humanises the playing by the man. That is, there are plenty of chances for subtle and notional details to hang around the edges. 

Hence, the odd breathy moments during soft trumpet passages add both atmosphere and a sense of immediacy to the entire production. 

This is a fine collection for Arve Henricksen, a selection of rarities that will only strengthen his fan base. 

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