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A hulking great integrated amplifier with a retro style, Paul Rigby climbs the north face of this new Yamaha amplifier

This 90W (into 8 Ohms) amplifier fills space.


It roams over 435 x 157 x 463mm and weighs in at a meaty 22kg.

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  • Reply
    Gary Jones
    20th February 2021 at 1:51 pm

    Hi Paul. Great review…and a of particular interest as I bought one just before Christmas. Over the last few years I’ve tried a host of different integrated amps, and since owning this one I can honestly say that I have no desire to try something else…which is a very odd, yet pleasing position in which to find myself. Suffice it to say, this amp is something special…and I can’t quite figure out why. Still working on it…but absolutely love the sound. Keep up the good work. My next foray is into mc cartridge from ortofon 2M Black. I’ve got a Rega Aria phono amp…budget up to 1k. Quintet black or something else…? 🤔

    • Reply
      Paul Rigby
      23rd February 2021 at 9:32 am

      Hi Gary – I’d give Hana a hard look. There’s plenty of Hana reviews on this site if you have a quick search.

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    23rd February 2021 at 1:45 pm

    Hi Paul

    This amplifier is part of the latest generation of the Yamaha A-S1x00; A-S2x00, and A-S3x00 family of audiophile separates.

    Perhaps the reason for no internal DAC is the DAC on the CD player in the same series can be accessed through an external input and the output is connected to the amplifier, as if playing a CD.

    Comparing the specification of the A-S1100 (list price around £1k) with the A-S1200 (list price around £2k), it is reasonable to summarise the price has doubled but the mechanical build quality has either stayed the same or regressed, particularly in materials used.

    Similarly the A-S2100 (list price around £2.3k) compared to the A-S2200 (list price around £3k) the mechanical build quality seems to have gone backwards.

    Based on the specifications alone, Yamaha have engineered a massive price hike with little or no benefit. When Cyrus released a new range of products there was a moderate price increase but with improvements all round The i7 is in roughly the same price group as the A-S1200.

    My regret is that having purchased one of the last available CD players, CD-S2100 I was unable to snare a matching A-S2100 before stock disappeared from the market. The price hike is more than disappointing.

    By the way, when considering an “open sound stage” how does A-S1200 compare with the i7 in the Cyrus range? Would appreciate a review of the recent Cyrus i9 XR

    • Reply
      Paul Rigby
      23rd February 2021 at 2:51 pm

      I’ve yet to test the i7, I’m afraid although I feel that the Moon 240 (a tad more expensive, I’vehad a bit of time with this one) does enhance the space around the soundstage.

    • Reply
      27th November 2022 at 7:47 pm

      Hello. Have as 801 Yamaha and I want buy as 1200Yamaha. What believe between as 801 Yamaha vs as 1200. I see different or maybe is veru near. Thanks.

  • Reply
    Carlos González
    2nd April 2021 at 2:07 pm

    Hi Paul. Nice review. I’ve just picked one. Lookig forward to receiving (there is a shortage of stock). Firstly, I’ll try with my VM740ML (MM) but next I’ll try to move on a MC and taste it.

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