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It’s Tuneful Tuesday! Welcome to another Musical Ramblings feature on YouTube in which we ramble about musical ideas and thoughts

This one looks at bands and break ups. Why do they break up? What sort of common pressures do band’s experience or rather, what’s the most common reason and the most common pressure within a group format?

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    john keenan
    8th March 2022 at 6:33 pm

    the modern face of social media can be good or it can be the nail in the coffin, we all know fundamentally a singer or a band has a certain shelf life be it short or long, i think more so now with the modern landscape of media the stars that put hard earned time and dedication into music let’s not forget actors/ actresses also they are being robbed of money rightfully theirs, i am completely against streaming simple, its theft artists aren’t receiving money rightfully there’s, also hence the huge rise in cinema entry fees , the downfall of artists is the income in my opinion and we all know how record companies run their artists into the ground

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