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Vinyl Releases: Bandcamp Booty

Brief commentary of vinyl releases from Bandcamp

Mole’s 2LP debut release, Danger Island (Figs of London; is a quirky, singer-songwriter outing with fripperies. I keep thinking of Ray Davies…running at 65%.

Vinyl Releases: Bandcamp Booty

From Glyn Bigga Bush is Sunken Foal Stories ( moves away from beats to sample juggling, musical segments, tonal interplay and library music adventures.

Vinyl Releases: Bandcamp Booty

First album in nine years, Jon Hassell’s Listening to Pictures (Ndeya; is a stupendous conflagration of genres, styles and tones to produce an electronica-centred, brass-framed, tonal masterpiece. 

Vinyl Releases: Bandcamp Booty

David Grubbs (Gastr Del Sol, The Red Krayola) & Taku Unami’s Failed Celestial Creatures (Empty Editions; manoeuvres around sparse guitar notes of varying power along with occasional wayward vocals. Meditative.

Vinyl Releases: Bandcamp Booty

John Butler’s 2LP, The Loyal Serpent ( offers lots of effort, energy, passion and alt.rock sensibilities but rapidly hits a cul-de-sac in artistic terms.

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