20th March 2018

More vinyl news for you, folks, including releases from Jamie Saft, Steve Swallow, Bobby Previte, Dub Pistols, Ethan Gold, Douga, Proto Idiot and Charles Howls

They’re a jazz trio: keyboardist Jamie Saft, bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Bobby Previte offer Loneliness Road (RareNoiseRecords; but provide three tracks with vocals by Iggy Pop. Less shocking, more brooding.

From Douga is Hidden Tapes and the Golden Tide (Do Make Merge; Resembling classic jangly-guitar, 80s indie, it’s infused with sparkling vocals and uplifting melodies. Lovely.

Proto Idiot’s Leisure Opportunity (; has a pop-punk aura. Edgy rhythms, noisy guitars, humour (!), staccato vocals, lots of confidence, swagger and innocence.

Ethan Gold’s Songs From A Toxic Apartment (Gold; Earnest and well crafted. An singer-songwriter of what I call Competent Rock. Full of rounded edges and achievable challenges.

Dub Pistols’ Crazy Diamonds (PIAS) offer a new slice of dance-rap-reggae that’s uplifting and relevant, spilling over with energy.

Charles Howl’s My Idol Family (Oh Many; has that slightly arty rock sound with fragile and sensitive vocals that demand you sit and listen in silence. Just in case you might scare them away.

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