Steve Hackett’s Access All Areas, limited to 500

2nd April 2016

From Demon Records & Access All Areas (AAA), this disc is the first in a range of limited edition (500 copies) picture discs from the AAA catalogue.

What you’ve got here is an eight track live concert that has been skimmed from the CD version of the same concert (spanning 14 tracks in that case, so completists will need both editions).

The concert features Ian Ellis on bass, Julian Colbeck on keyboards and Fudge Smith on drums with brother John Hackett contributing flute, guitar and bass pedals.

The original concert, from 13 September 1990, was released in an edited form on VHS tape, many years ago. The DVD version (bundled with the original CD release from Access All Areas) offered the concert in its entirety.

This vinyl edition is due out on 30 October 2015

If you want to see the original CD/DVD bundled edition (plus a YouTube video of the show running at over an hour), check out this link: