SPARK EARPHONES: Glow and even Pulse In the Dark

3rd May 2017

Featuring an electro-fluorescent wire system comprising numerous layers to keep the earphones glowing for up to five hours, the Glow design offers volume, skip tracks and phone controls plus a HD microphone


A light-dependent control provides three modes:

1: Controls the glow in the tune to the rhythm of your music, making every beat match the sound that travels from your phone to your ear piece.

2: Standard glow mode that features a consistent glow.

3: Regular mode that turns the glow off completely.


Glow has its own battery that can be charged via a standard micro-USB. On a full charge, Glow shines for five to six hours at the full glow and flash setting or three hours in Constant On and full brightness mode.


If the battery has fully drained, you can still continue using Spark earphones.


Price is $179 but you can grab better deals via the Kickstarter page HERE


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