Sound Fidelity F1: Featuring ‘Green’ Leather…No, really…

16th September 2016

These 10W F-1 speakers, offering 88db sensitivity, are small in stature at 31.5 x 19 x 28.5cm

Both of the speakers feature a Fountek mid/bass unit spanning 145mm that sits underneath a 19mm tweeter from SEAS.


The finish is a selling point for the company who cover it, not in leather, but in ‘eco leather’.  Apparently the so-called leather can be ordered in various colours (black and beige for now but more colours may follow…green? Who knows.). What makes the leather ‘eco’, according to the company, is that it’s a faux variant, not the real thing.


Price is €920. More information to come because this website is still under construction.

Click (mind the scaffolding) or call +39 3393922158 for more information.