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Soulines Kubrick DCX, Timestep T-09 Arm & T-01HS Headshell

Serbia-based Soulines’ design is by inspired the space station in the Stanley Kubrick film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, hence the name

Soulines Kubrick DCX: Timestep T-09 tonearm & T-01HS headshell

Designer Igor Gligorov has created a new aluminium plinth and sub-plinth which are built from differently shaped sections, coupled together and damped.

Soulines Kubrick DCX: Timestep T-09 tonearm & T-01HS headshell

The adjustable and differently sized supporting feet at the ends of the legs are machined from aluminium. The design’s shape, its relative dimensions and the positioning of its various cut-out circles are all based on the “mathematical Golden Ratio and Fibonacci sequence”, the aim being to achieve “uniform vibration damping and to reduce the moment of inertia in all three planes”.

Soulines Kubrick DCX: Timestep T-09 tonearm & T-01HS headshell

The inverted main bearing, machined from solid brass and stainless steel and the solid aluminium arm-board are mounted directly on the sub-plinth, which is in turn three-point de-coupled from the main plinth. The motor assembly, a DC motor with fine speed adjustment, is mounted on the main plinth.

Soulines Kubrick DCX: Timestep T-09 tonearm & T-01HS headshell

Every platter, main bearing and spindle, are manufactured together as a unit rather than in batches in order to “ensure total compatibility”. Timestep is offering the Soulines Kubrick DCX turntable as a package with his own Timestep T-609 tonearm and T-01HS ebony headshell. The Soulines Kubrick DCX turntable is available now, optionally as a package partnered with the Timestep T-609 turntable and T-01HSheadshell.

Package price £4,350.00
Soulines Kubrick turntable with armboard (choice of 3 options) £2,995
Timestep T-609 tonearm £1,350
Timestep tonearm mount £50
Timestep T-01HSheadshell £145
Timestep tonearm cable £50

To learn more, call 01803 833 366 or click timestep-distribution.co.uk

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