Rhino & Sireena: New Vinyl Releases

19th March 2018

Brief news of vinyl releases including soundtracks from Rhino and Sireena


The rise and rise of Talk Talk begins with the oddly derivative, New Romantic/Roxy Music edge to the debut LP, The Party’s Over (1982). There was still plenty to like here though and things merely improved with 1984s It’s My Life which upped the quality of the songwriting.

Rhino’s also offering three Alice Cooper LPs including the 1969 debut, Pretties for You that had yet to enter his signature malformed rock but explored reasonably produced psychedelia instead.

1981’s Special Forces (Cooper was into militaria at the time) offers a stripped down yet patchy rock output.

Love it to Death (1971) is of a different stripe, though. This coherent third LP enters Cooper’s trashy rock world for the first time in his career.


From Sireena (www.sireena.de) is On The Frontier’s Shoot featured ex-Yardbirds/Renaissance member Jim McCarty), guitarist Dave Greene (Raw Material), bassist Bill Russell and ex-Manfred Man drummer Craig Collinge. Short-lived project with plenty of prog, jazz, country and psyche flavours.

Also check out Nattefrost’s Skaldic Themes, an attractive, soaring and layered suite of electronic music.

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