QEOS II Glass Speakers: I’m Looking Through You

5th May 2017

Closed box speaker design with cones pointing all over the place

A new pair of stand-mounted speakers from the German outfit, QEOS features glass to, says the company, prevent “…vibrations and cavity resonances…”


While we’re on the theme, the company also states that vibrations are minimalist below the speaker due to the opposing force-coupled bass/midrange drivers decoupled from the enclosure.


Meanwhile, the company also says that the speaker offers low mechanical loss and dynamic bass because of the, “…absence of enclosure damping material and vibrating surfaces.”


QEOS is very chatty, indeed.


With a flat front baffle and a 35mm fabric-domed treble unit plus two aluminium-coned mid/bass units positioned opposite each other on the speaker sides, the design also offers Mundorf foil capacitors and air core coils in a separate chamber, as part of the crossover plus a sensitivity of 86db, the speakers span 250 x 270 x 370mm and weigh in at 21kg.


To learn more, click www.qeos-audio.com or call 0049 228 22 20 51