3rd January 2024

It was only yesterday that I posted a review of the company’s isolation platform and now I hear that it’s also working on a new turntable. It’s busy times for IsoSlice

This one sounds like a serious proposition, arriving with an acrylic platter. The tonearm has yet to be decided upon although an Origin Live (OL) example has been used during the test period. There’s no guarantee what will be used upon release, though. That said, the arm fitting should be OL/Rega compatible.

The motor used will be a 24V variety with a central brass bearing and a stainless steel sub platter. Height-adjustable feet are being looked at.

Cartridge? Well, it looks like one will be bundled (again, it’s early days, things might change). For now though, the Goldring 1042 is in the frame.

And yes, the plinth is a modded isolation shelving unit! There’s also talk about offering the plinth as a separate upgrade part, so you can upgrade other turntables with it. 

Finishes? The prototype in the picture is black/gold metallic lacquer but you can also expect black/silver metallic, white/gold metallic, white/silver metallic plus custom colours.

Note that the one in the image is running with an Origin Live Gravity One stabiliser and that the bubble level has been shifted to the left and the name to the right. Can’t see any controls so I wonder if they are hidden beneath the plinth? Not sure.

Price? Somewhere around £2,199 and £2,499. Ish.

To repeat, we’re in the early days of this one so changes may very well occur. More news when I get it. 

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