PMC’s twenty Sub features the ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) bass loading principle

22nd March 2015

PMC has released the twenty Sub, designed for use with both music and movies alike and featuring its ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) bass loading principle, Class-D amplification and DSP control.

The cabinet is braced throughout by multiple internal baffles and includes an integral high mass, resonance absorbing plinth and a housing for M8 reversible stainless steel spikes.

The two long-throw 170mm custom-designed PMC bass drivers feature doped-paper cones mounted in a cast magnesium chassis. At the heart of the twenty Sub is an electronics package. Consisting of PMC’s 400W Class D amplification, which features DSP circuits, filtering and bass management functions, connectivity is in the form of balanced stereo analogue (RCA unbalanced convertors are included) and AES/EBU digital inputs.

All outputs are configured to be unprocessed or high-pass filtered, with fixed or variable gain. The input source, analogue input sensitivity, gain trim and overall volume are all adjustable, as are the twenty Sub’s low-pass filter slope and frequency, which allows tuning across five pre-determined steps. Additionally, the phase can be adjusted and a single parametric equaliser is provided. The analogue and digital outputs can be high-pass filtered, if required, to feed either active satellite speakers or back to a power amplifier to drive the main pair in a passive 2.1 configuration.

Price is £2,950. Finishes include walnut, amarone, oak or diamond black.

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