Pixies, Charles Tolliver, Doug Hammond and More!

7th August 2019

Brief commentary of vinyl releases from Pure Pleasure, 4AD and Modern Harmonic


From the UK-based audiophile outfit (www.purepleasurerecords.com) comes two releases. 

Doug Hammond’s Reflections in the Sea of Nurnen (1975) takes a Tolkein reference (Núrnen is a large inland body of water in Mordor, Middle Earth fans) and mixes analogue and electronic instrumentation plus Afro jazz influences. Highlights? I love the quietly introspective pieces balancing Hammond organ and drums.

Music Inc’s self-titled 1970 hard bop release featured new works from Charles Tolliver, Stanley Cowell plus 13 others in the supporting orchestra. It’s a bold, energetic, free flowing jazz excursion that moves Ellington to the next level.

Pixies, Music Inc, Doug Hammond and More!


Come On Pilgrim…It’s Surfer Rosa (4AD; 4ad.com) is a 30th anniversary edition from The Pixies.

The Pixies, Music Inc, Doug Hammond and More!

Consisting of the eight-track mini-album Come On Pilgrim (originally released September 1987) and the band’s first full album, Surfer Rosa (released March, 1988), plus a bonus disc of Live From The Fallout Shelter, a concert/session that first aired in late 1986. On gold vinyl in a hardback book, it is a rather stunning release.


Oakland Elementary School Arkestra – The Saga Of Padani is the elaborate title for a collection of avant-jazz music from a rare 1994 CD (‘Big Music, Little Musicians’) and limited tape release (‘The Thornhill Sound’) via Marshall Allen, Fred Frith, Terry Riley and, erm, schoolkids.

The Pixies, Music Inc, Doug Hammond and More!

A remarkable collection that challenges the great Sun Ra himself!

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