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Nine Inch Nails’ Halo I-IV Box Set

Contains the original 12” singles for “Down In It, Head Like A Hole and Sin on 120gm black vinyl and the 1989 version of Pretty Hate Machine on 180-gram black vinyl.

Halo One: Down In It (original release date 9/15/89):

A1 Down In It (Skin)

A2 Down In It (Shred)

B1 Down in In (Singe)

Halo Two: Pretty Hate Machine (original release date 10/20/89)

A1 Head Like A Hole

A2 Terrible Lie

A3 Down In It

A4 Sanctified

A5 Something I Can Never Have

B1 Kinda I Want To

B2 Sin

B3 That’s What I Get

B4 The Only Time

B5 Ringfinger

Halo Three: Head Like A Hole (original release date 3/22/90):

A1 Head Like A Hole (Slate)

A2 Terrible Lie (Sympathetic Mix)

A3 Head Like A Hole (Clay)

B1 Head Like A Hole (Copper)

B2 You Know Who You Are

B3 Head Like a Hole (Soil)

B4 Terrible Lie (Empathetic Mix)

Halo Four: Sin (original release date 10/10/90)

A1 Sin

A2 Sin

B1 Get

B2 Sin

Priced at £120, the set is available now.

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