L100 Classic Mk.II & L82 Classic Mk.II From JBL

26th September 2023

The MkII Editions of the JBL L82 Classic and L100 Classic speakers have been enhanced…

…with JBL’s Performance Package that includes an upgraded bass design that reduces distortion.

The tweeter and midrange drivers have also been treated to refinements.

JBL L100 Classic MkII & JBL L82 Classic MkII 
L82 Classic (above and top)

Additional upgrades include a change to the crossover design to provide dual inputs for use in bi-wiring applications, while a new input terminal cup has dual sets of premium gold-plated binding post terminals for a secure connection to a variety of loudspeaker cable and connector types.

JBL L100 Classic MkII & JBL L82 Classic MkII 

The L82 Classic MkII and L100 Classic MkII are available for £1,999/€2,250/$2,400 per pair, and £3,998/€4,500/$4,800 per pair, respectively.

JBL L100 Classic MkII & JBL L82 Classic MkII 

Contact www.jbl.com/classic-series

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