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Johnny Cash, Why?, Bill Callahan And More!

Brief commentary of vinyl releases from Third Man, Sound Miracles and Charly


New from the US-based outfit ( is two from the Live at series. Firstly the hip hop-slanted indie outfit Why? who use the rapping style like a layer in a jam sponge cake. Strangely melodic. 

Johnny Cash, Why?, Bill Callahan And More!

Bill ‘Smog’ Callahan is a singer-songwriter who takes introspection into Leo Kottke territory as his low frequency vocals connect with tired retrospection.


Two new releases on this new imprint ( includes…

Johnny Cash, Why?, Bill Callahan And More!

13 primitive Flamenco ditties (Spain’s own blues) from the 30s onwards from the likes of Sarita Heredia and Manolo de Badajoz. Includes a CD too!

Johnny Cash, Why?, Bill Callahan And More!

As does Incantations for Tape Part one of early electronica from the 20s to the 60s. Includes Daphne Oram, The Blue Men and Gottfriend Koening.


Three Johnny Cash releases from his Sun period on Charly ( include classic material from 1958 on The Songs that Made Him Famous including I Walk the Line.

Johnny Cash, Why?, Bill Callahan And More!

Cash’s minimalist With His Hot And Blue Guitar! (1957) debut repeats I Walk the Line and adds Folsom Prison Blues and Cry, Cry, Cry to prove a folk edge.

Finally, Greatest! (1959)…wasn’t really.

It was a collection of B-sides and unreleased songs after Cash departed Sun. Plenty of interesting songs to check out.

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    Dave Hattey
    18th August 2019 at 4:39 pm

    Hahaha, the Who final set. Hahaha,I think the Who is on their 30th fairwell tour!

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