iFi iGalvanic3.0: galvanic isolation on USB

1st September 2017

…that’s both USB3 and USB2 with double REgeneration

Running on a proprietary system, this little box is purpose built to enhance the performance of computer-based audio systems.

It, according to the company adds, “…REclock2, REgenerate2 and REbalance2…” to clean your USB power supply.

The company also report that it breaks ground loops, avoids noise-coupling in applications that require high-speed USB transfers and more. It also apparantly includes a Groundlink for none/one/multiple grounds (Earths) which cause hum/buzz plus a Stealth Converter, “…ultra-low noise 0.5uV power supply.”

As suggested above, the unit remains small at 93 x 67 x 28mm and weighs in at 128g. Price is £349.

For more information, call 01900 601954 or click www.ifi-audio.com