EpicX speaker cables From Chord

31st October 2019

The new EpicX replaces the original PTFE-based Epic using the company’s XLPE technology 

The Chord Company uses its dielectric called Taylon for the EpicX, which is also used the ChordMusic and Sarum T ranges. 

The new EpicX is (still) a shielded design but its design is based on the company’s OdysseyX speaker cable.

Both cables share identical conductors: 12 AWG oxygen-free copper negative and positive conductors.

These are silver plated and insulated with XLPE before an outer PVC jacket is applied. 

The key upgrade is EpicX’s three additional layers of XLPE.

EpicX speaker cables From Chord

EpicX is supplied with Chord Company’s recently announced ChordOhmic plugs complemented by the new ‘trousers’.

In addition to factory terminations, the cable can also be professionally terminated by participating Chord Company dealers equipped with the new ChordOhmic Hex Gun tool.

The service not only delivers tailor-made lengths but it also jumps the build queue at the factory.

EpicX speaker cables From Chord

Existing cables can also be upgraded with the new plugs, trousers and terminations, too. 

The latest XLPE-based speaker cables are supplied with a lifetime guarantee. 

EpicX is available now priced at £60 per metre; factory termination (banana) add £120

To learn more call 01980 625700 or click chord.co.uk

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