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Dynaudio’s New S4-LCR Custom Install Speakers

The Danish company has added a brand-new S4-LCR, left/centre/right (LCR) system and DVC (dual voice-coil) in-ceiling speakers to its Custom Studio range

Dynaudio will ship its Custom Studio range LCR (left/centre/right) system and dual voice-coil in-ceiling speakers in March.

The S4-LCR65 system allows you to create bespoke vertically or horizontally-oriented left, centre and right three-way speaker channels.

Dynaudio’s New S4-LCR Custom Install Speakers

The S4-LCRMT mid/tweeter and S4-LCR65W woofer modules fit around standard 406mm studs and the individual modules are connected using speaker wire. Their frames can be attached and installed in a single cut-out or spaced out to create a customised single channel.

You also get a tweeter level switch to allow fine-tuning and to match the high-frequency output to different system configurations, room furnishings or acoustic treatments.

Dynaudio’s New S4-LCR Custom Install Speakers

Like the rest of the Dynaudio Custom range, all the S4-LCR65 modules mount into their frames without any tools. Each module uses a passive crossover with a three-position switch, pre-configured to standard LCR channel configurations that use one or two connected woofer modules. There’s also a bypass position to enable an “unlimited” number of fully active and completely customised S4-LCR65 system setups with external DSP processing and a dedicated amplifier channel for every driver.

Dynaudio’s New S4-LCR Custom Install Speakers

The LCR system can be installed behind acoustic fabric or acoustically transparent screens and it’s complemented by five different optional paintable white grilles (four standard-sized and one customisable).

Dynaudio’s New S4-LCR Custom Install Speakers

The S4-DVC65 dual voice-coil offers dual tweeters to let you listen to either a mono or stereo signal from a single speaker, suited for hallways, closets, bathrooms and situations where there isn’t space for more than one installation.

Dynaudio’s New S4-LCR Custom Install Speakers

And because they can be angled, you can aim the sound exactly to where it’s needed. A separate switch on the back lets you switch the speaker to dipole mode for surround applications.

The S4-LCRMT (mid-tweeter speaker) is priced at £625. The S4-LCR65W (low frequency woofer) costs £895. Optional grilles retail between £75 and £180.

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